Shatila Palestinian refugee camp Beirut, Lebanon

Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp

The Shatila refugee camp was originally set up in 1949 by the International Committee of the Red Cross for Palestinian refugees fleeing Palestine in what is referred to by Palestinians […]

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Political graffiti art, Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut International Marathon 8k

Beirut International Marathon I first learned about the Beirut International Marathon in 2006 when race organizers were tasked with the decision of whether or not to cancel the marathon, as […]

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Ichkhanian Armenian Bakery, Beirut, Lebanon

Alternative Walking Tour Beirut

The 4-hour Alternative Tour Beirut is a captivating walk through Beirut’s neighborhoods (Achrafiyeh, Gemmayzeh, Christian East & Muslim West).  It provides historical and political context for complex subjects including the Lebanese […]

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