Shatila Palestinian refugee camp Beirut, Lebanon

Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp

The Shatila refugee camp was originally set up in 1949 by the International Committee of the Red Cross for Palestinian refugees fleeing Palestine in what is referred to by Palestinians […]

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Political graffiti art, Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut International Marathon 8k

Beirut International Marathon I first learned about the Beirut International Marathon in 2006 when race organizers were tasked with the decision of whether or not to cancel the marathon, as […]

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Ichkhanian Armenian Bakery, Beirut, Lebanon

Alternative Walking Tour Beirut

The 4-hour Alternative Tour Beirut is a captivating walk through Beirut’s neighborhoods (Achrafiyeh, Gemmayzeh, Christian East & Muslim West).  It provides historical and political context for complex subjects including the Lebanese […]

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Hemingway sleeping polydactyl cat key west

Hemingway 5k Sunset Run

The Hemingway 5k Sunset Run is an out-and-back course that starts at the Southernmost Point at Whitehead and South streets in Key West, Florida. It was 90° with 59% humidity […]

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Ten Tips for Running a Marathon

The marathon is my favorite distance due to the mental stamina required to finish the 26.2 mile race.  I’ve run six marathons; Sri Chinmoy (1981), San Francisco (1984),  Mayor’s Midnight Sun (2000), California […]

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Road to Rhodes 10k

One of the reasons I chose Greece as a destination is because of its heroic response to the Syrian refugee crisis.  Notwithstanding the fact that there is a running race […]

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Rocket graphic

Running Negative Splits

In October 2003, I ran the St George Marathon with the goal of qualifying for Boston.  St George has a pretty substantial drop in elevation starting at 5240 feet and […]

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two goats

Frisky Goat 5k Winters Series

Randy and Ronnie (the “frisky goats”) The Frisky Goat 5k Winters Series #4 is an out-and-back course with the turnaround point at the Delaware River in Milford, Pennsylvania.  It is […]

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The Complete Runners Day by Day Log and Calendar 1984

Running Nostalgia

Perusing through my 1984 Runner’s Day-by-Day Log and Calendar, it turns out that 1984 was my most prolific year for running.  I ran a grand total of thirty races;  three […]

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people umbrella drinks trinidad cuba

Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA

On November 15, I joined 567 Americans and ran the Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA 2015 in Havana, Cuba. The MaraCuba 4k “fun run” takes place the day before the Maratón de […]

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