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Hemingway 5k Sunset Run

The Hemingway 5k Sunset Run is an out-and-back course that starts at the Southernmost Point at Whitehead and South streets in Key West, Florida. It was 90° with 59% humidity […]

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Ten Tips for Running a Marathon

The marathon is my favorite distance due to the mental stamina required to finish the 26.2 mile race.  I’ve run six marathons; Sri Chinmoy (1981), San Francisco (1984),  Mayor’s Midnight Sun (2000), California […]

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Road to Rhodes 10k

One of the reasons I chose Greece as a destination is because of its heroic response to the Syrian refugee crisis.  Notwithstanding the fact that there is a running race […]

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two goats

Frisky Goat 5k Winters Series

Randy and Ronnie (the “frisky goats”) The Frisky Goat 5k Winters Series #4 is an out-and-back course with the turnaround point at the Delaware River in Milford, Pennsylvania.  It is […]

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Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA

On November 15, I joined 567 Americans and ran the Maratón de La Habana-MARABANA 2015 in Havana, Cuba. The MaraCuba 4k “fun run” takes place the day before the Maratón de […]

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